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The Todd Judy Ford Premier Benefits Package

Our Premier Benfits Package includes a series of programs you can participate in at ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE to you!

The package is automatically included with New and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles with under 72,000 miles.

Lifetime Tires FAQ

Lifetime Tires is part of our customer loyalty program. Much like a hotel rewards program, your continued patrionage at any of our establishments will be rewarded with a huge benefit: New Tires for your vehicle at no cost to you when required as part of normal use.

What kind of tires will I get?
We replace them with the same tires that the manufacturer used from the factory, if available. If for some reason those types of tires are no longer available whn your vehicle needs them, we'll use the modern equivalent.
How do I enroll?
With the purchase of a new vehicle, you are automatically enrolled in the program.
Is there a cost to enroll?
No. You will pay nothing to enroll in the program, you'll just have to follow the maintenance schedule provided at one of our dealerships.
What maintenance is required?
The schedule is located on this page. We also provide a copy of it to you. It's based on the recommendations of the manufacturer of your vehicle as well as input from top maintenance companies designed to keep your vehicle in peak performance for years to come.
Why is maintenance required?
All manufacturers require maintenance on vehicles to maintain warranty coverage, and top aftermarket companies have programs for additional coverage on your vehicle with similar schedules. If you choose to participate and continue to use our facilities, we'll reward your loyalty by covering the cost of the most expensive maintenance item on the vehicles.
What are the terms and conditions?
We provide you with a contract with all of the Terms and Conditions. For convenience, we also provide an envelope that has the requirements on the outside that you can use for reference. We also have displayed them here and make them available to anyone upon request.
What if I don't want to participate?
No one is required to. If you don't want to take part in the program, there is no obligation to do so. As stated, there is no cost to enroll, so if you choose not to take part in it, you've got no money involved.

Lifetime Tires

Every New vehicle automatically comes with our Lifetime Tires program. This is a loyalty program we do for our customers. As long as you service your vehicle with us and always stay up on routine maintenance, when its time for tires we'll supply and put on a complete set of tires at absolutely no charge.

Lifetime WV State Inspections

As long as you own the vehicle, Todd Judy Ford will perform the West Virginia State Inspection for you at no charge. The sticker, however, is not guaranteed if your vehicle is in need of maintenance to meet state standards.

Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

Our Lifetime Power Train Warranty can save you an incredible amount of money, more information about it can be found here.