The Todd Judy Ford Fresh Start

Let's rebuild your credit, and get you into a dependable vehicle at a fair price. The Todd Judy Fresh Start is all about you. Find out if you qualify by clicking below.
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Buying a car is a huge decision for everyone, but it can get stressful when you have challenged credit. Things that hurt your credit such as divorce, bankruptcy, medical bills, credit card debt, repossession, or negative equity can be overcome. There are a few factors to see if you qualify, so please contact us right away.

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New Vehicles

New vehicles are good if you're trying to get out from a vehicle you're "Upside Down" in - meaning that you have negative equity in that vehicle.

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Pre-Owned Vehicles

Pre-Owned may be the route to take if you can't afford a large monthly payment, but still need an SUV or Crossover vehicle for a large family.

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Credit Worthiness

A few factors

Before you can determine what vehicle is right for your situation, we have to figure out if a lender is able to work with you. Don't worry, you don't have to have all 4 to get approved, and we will work with you to build your credit case.

The Four Credit Criteria

  • Credit History Means your credit score, and your previous account records. Having long term accounts in good standing really helps.
  • Stability refers to the time you've spent living in your home and working at your job. Lenders like to see two years or more, but can be flexible.
  • Ability refers to your income, and if you have another person thats willing to participate on the loan with you as a co-applicant.
  • Participation means money down or trade in. Even if your current vehicle is broken down, it may be a good idea to structure the deal with it included.