Fees & Taxes
This is a list of fees you can expect to pay when purchasing a vehicle. This may change based on the state in which you choose to purchase or title the vehicle. We have attempted to explain this as openly as possible. If there are any additional questions, please feel free to contact us for clarification.

Sales Tax: 6%
This is based on the State and sometimes county or city in which the vehicle is registered. In West Virginia, this amount is 6% of the price of the purchased vehicle. If there is a trade-in registered in the same name as the purchaser, a credit toward the tax is issued and it is charged on the difference.

Title Fee: $15.00
This is a fee assessed by each state for the processing of a title to a vehicle.

Lien Fee: $10.00
This fee is added by the state when there is going to be a lien recorded against the title of the vehicle. For example, when you purchase a vehicle and borrow money against the title, the lending institution who loans the money will put a lien against the title to ensure it can't be sold without their obligation being fulfilled. In most cases, the lending institution will also hold the title of the vehicle and release both the title and the lien when the vehicle is paid off. This fee is not applied to cash transactions.

Transfer Fee: $10.50
This is the fee charged by the state to transfer a license plate from one vehicle to another. This is not applied if a new license plate is being registered.

Temporary License: $10.50
If a new plate is registered, this is the fee assessed to provide a temporary license until the new one arrives.

Registration Fee: $51.50
This is a fee applied to the registration of a license plate for a vehicle. It can vary depending on the type of vehicle, type of plate, and number of years it is registered for. Common increases

Documentary Fee: $499.00
This is a state regulated fee for the processing of the paperwork in association with the purchase of a vehicle. West Virginia has one of the lowest fees in the United States. Many states allow dealers to collect hundreds more which allows out-of-state dealers to advertise prices that appear much lower than local dealers. This fee is assessed on all transactions.

CVR: $25.44
This fee includes WV tax of $1.44 and is a fee charged for the electronic submission of information to the West Virginia DMV through the CVR system.

Destination Fee
This is a fee charged by every manufacturer for the delivery of the vehicle to the dealership. This fee is applied to all vehicles by every manufacturer and is standard, regardless of distance from the manufacturing facility. This fee may vary based on vehicle line and throughout a model year. The fee is disclosed on the MSRP.

Processing Fee
This is a fee charged by many dealerships for the purchase of a vehicle. Most dealerships use this fee to show an artificially low price. We do not believe in charging these fees, in the interest of providing a fair experience.

Internet Purchase Fee
Like the processing fee, this is used to show artificially low pricing and recoup the difference in added fees. We do not charge this fee for any transaction.